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This pass gains access to our 10 Week Virtual Coached RunHers Teams happening April 3-June 12, 2022

What is included in the training programs?

  • 10-12 week Training Plan which gives you a complete roadmap of runs, strength training, and mobility

  • Kick Off  Team Meeting (via Zoom) to meet your team, go over the training plan, and answer all your questions. 

  • 5 “Live with Coach” Zoom meetings to get your questions answered. Drop in occasionally to get a question answered or come to all and learn so much about the sport of running. 

  • 24/7 Access to Private Power Within FB community to ask questions, receive answers, get tips on all things running,  and get support to help you stay on track and committed 

  • 24/7 Access to Private Strava group to track runs, plan routes, receive kudos, cheers and support from coaches and teammates for every mile along the way. 

  • LIVE FB Coach: Coaches will go over specific topics, offer tips and motivation in real time to keep you moving towards your goals. 

  • On-Demand library of strength training, core activation, warmup, and mobility videos to activate, mobilize and strengthen your running muscles and keep you injury free

  • LIVE (and recorded for ongoing access) training sessions and workshops led by the coaches or outside experts (eg, Physical Therapists) on various running topics 

  • Voucher for two (2) FREE Power Within LIVE classes (can be used for in-person or live Zoom online classes. 

  • Accountability, motivation and support GALORE-we aren't just a group of runners, we are a TEAM!

  • FUN!

Our programs fall into two categories: 
LAUNCH which will help you reach a distance new to you (or return to the distance after injury or time off) and 
ELEVATE which includes weekly speed and will help you reach new heights and time goals in a distance you have run before (or have come close to running). 

Teams offered: 
  • 5K  LAUNCH  (3.1 miles) team is a walk/run program and suitable for complete beginners or those restarting their running journey. 
  • 10K LAUNCH  team is a beginner 10K suitable to those who can currently run 3 miles. 
  • 10K ELEVATE team is suitable for those looking to elevate their 10K runs.  
  • 10 Miler Series
  • 13.1 Half Marathon LAUNCH
  • 13.1 Half Marathon ELEVATE

 After you purchase the pass, please sign up for the correct team Kick Off Meeting (held via Zoom, click links above) so we know which team you are joining. Even if you are unavailable to attend the Kick Off Meeting, please sign up because this is how we track the membership numbers of each team. If you miss, you will be sent the recording of the meeting. 

Welcome to the Power Within RunHers Team!



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